28 May

Mustard regime

Type of regimen – low in calory. The loss of gravity – 2.1 kilogram. Duration – 3 times. Mustard diet may not alone lose weight, but also to normalize the metabolism, as good however accustom you to the rightly nutrition. Elaboration Bulgarian nutritionists in the 70′s of last century, it is not however popular so other diet, but yet quite active. Very suitable for fasting times. Mustard diet is based on the apply of dairy items, meat and mustard (classic, spicy, sweet, grainy). Excluded sweet, saccharose, white bread, alcohol. While using mustard regime recommended to drink plenty of 2-2.5 liters per day. Sample carte mustard dietary Time Breakfast: 2 hard-boiled eggs, yogurt, unleavened fresh bread, smeared with mustard, tea or coffee without saccharose. Lunch: hash (250 ml) yogurt or kefir, 2 boiled sausages with mustard. Snack: green tea or chocolate with fresh bread, smeared with mustard. Dinner: fat curds (250 g), a salad of sweet pepper. Second denZavtrak: cheese cakes from cheese with cumin and mustard, 50 g ham, green tea or chocolate without cane sugar. Lunch: chicken broth (250 ml), a salad with chicken, celery petioles and mustard sauce, a glass of tomato juice. Snack: tea or chocolate with fresh bread, smeared with mustard. Dinner: salad with egg and green onions, a cup of yogurt or yogurt. 3-rd day: Breakfast: 3 sausages with mustard, cucumber, tea or chocolate without cane sugar. Lunch: mushroom bisque (250 ml), grilled pork chopper with mustard and a glass of carrot nectar. Snack: green tea or chocolate with bread, smeared with mustard. Dinner: cottage cheese casserole with cumin and onion, a cup of yogurt. Duration mustard diet should not be more than 3-5 times. Repeat regime recommended no sooner than a 30 days. Mustard regime is contraindicated in chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidneys. To enhance the capacity, mustard regimen can be combined with mustard or mustard bath wraps. Formula mustard Mustard wraps for weightiness loss, dry powderise and honey assorted in equal parts (for good mixing with honey mustard is added to previously couple of spoons of hot water) and applied to the issue areas. Followed cover wrap with plastic wrap and top obmatat a warm thing, or It is possible to use a belt. So you need do exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at a fast pace. This could be shaping, dance or anything else. After doing you can take a douche and relax. Mustard bath formula for gravity loss 1 cup mustard in warm water, stir thoroughly and pour into the tub. Take a bath no more than 10 minutes. These baths can be done daily in the dietary however good how after it, but not more than 10 days.


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