16 Nov

“Dietary Larisa Dolina” is one of the 1-st places in the ranking of the most popular

“Regime Larisa Dolina” is one of the first places in the ranking of the most popular and active regime, which was developed by the singer 20 years ago. Later the 1-st application of Larisa Dolina was a stunning effect! Since it is difficult to imagine how many dieters have used this diet and rejoiced dropped pounds! The 1-st variant of this regime is designed for rapid weight loss, it is significant to fully sustain the dietary 7 days, then, the expected result -7 kilogram. Day 1: 500 ml + 200 g of yogurt or baked potatoes boiled in your skins Day 2: 500 ml + 200 grams of yogurt cooked lean fresh fish Time 3: 500 ml + 200 grams of yogurt nonfat cheese Time 4: 500 ml of yogurt + 500 g cooked chicken breasts Day 5: 500 ml of yogurt + 1 kg of apples or 50 grams of any fresh fruit except grapes and bananas Time 6: 1 liter of yogurt Time 7: 1 liter of mineral h2o without gas may in the morning to drink a cup of black chocolate without cane sugar, and during the time to drink green green tea without restrictions. Important to distribute meals to four times to 18. 00. A second version of the diet is that later a week of dietary need to take a break for a week excluding fat, floury, spicy, then the diet for a 7 days to fix the result. 1-st week -5 kilogram, the second -3-4 kilogram. You can alternate however long to have a desired result. Day 1: 500 ml of yogurt + 400 g of baked potatoes Day 2: 500 ml of yogurt + 400 g of short-fat curds. Time 3: 500 ml of yogurt + 400 grams of fruit except bananas and grapes. Day 4: 500 ml of yogurt + 400 g cooked chicken breasts. Time 5: 500 ml of yogurt + 300 grams of dry fresh fruit. Time 6: 500 ml + 400 grams of yogurt cream. Day 7: 1.5 mineral water without gas. Before starting a regimen is recommended to discharge time. Eating with 8. 00 to 18. 00 every 2-3 hours. Before each meal drink an infusion of St. John’s wort, chamomile, calendula: 1 teaspoon per 200 ml of stewing h2o and let stand Thirty minutes. Drinking h2o is not more than 500 ml per day. The 1-st and second version of the dietary all foods consumed without salt. The regime is not easy, but if you stick to these guidelines, the effect will be pleasantly surprised!


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